Trobada amb Martin Dougiamas


Poster for the schools session with Martin (31st March, Vic).

This poster is in Catalan. (Here’s the same poster in English.)

Please print it and share it or distribute it as a pdf file.

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Thanks, Martin!
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How to say “Dougiamas”

martin-2008-bcnWhen Martin Dougiamas came to Barcelona in 2008, he gave an interview which makes it quite clear how to say his name.

Click on the video to hear Martin introduce himself.



caplletraThis caplletra is a work of art donated by Jordi Pagès, made specially to commemorate the award of this honorary doctorate at UVic-UCC. The image combines the orange M of Moodle (and Martin) with the depiction of a Llull wheel.

The year 2016 is being commemorated as the 700th anniversary of the death of the medieval Catalan philosopher Ramon Llull. Llull was one of the first people to try “to make logical deductions in a mechanical rather than a mental way” and is therefore sometimes considered as an early pioneer of the thinking that would lead to modern-day computer science.